Sourcing the best SEO agencies in Liverpool for your business

Now that you have done all your research and studies and have developed an in-depth understanding of SEO, you have determined that it would be in your company’s best interest to use an SEO agency. Though you can rely upon referrals made by friends or other business owners, it is probably best to seek out your own SEO agency based upon your own interests and business concerns. 

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When searching for an SEO agency or company, there are some key questions you want to ask before making your final decision. Of course, you want to ask what your cost will be, how long they will consult and work with you, and what the long-term contractual obligations are, if any. Of course, you also want to be certain to get a hard copy written proposal or contract that clearly explains all their services, and their action plan for your website and business. In addition to these very practical and obvious questions, there are ten important fact finding questions you want to ask in order to determine whether or not they are the right SEO agency for you: 

1. Can you show me some examples of your work and your SEO successes?

2. How many staff members do you have on your SEO team? It is important to know what size SEO agency you are working with, whether small, medium, or large. Small agencies can be wonderful because they can afford you one on one attention but they also could be forced to give much time and attention to their most lucrative clients and large agencies tend to not be as personal and simply turn out SEO content in bulk. 

3. Who will be assigned my account and business? Will it be a qualified SEO expert that has at least three plus years of SEO experience?

4. How long has your agency been doing SEO, for at least three or four years? (FYI, if they have not been conducting SEO business for at least 3 or 4 years, then surely you want to do more shopping around.) 

5. Can you give me your professional opinion with regard to my site’s technical structure, links, and on and off page content since they greatly influence search engine status and visibility with respect to my own site?

6. Do I need to make any noticeable changes to my website, such as on-page or off-page changes, or changes to my targeted keywords or phrases or perhaps changes to title tags or meta descriptions?

7. Can you develop additional incoming links to my website and if so, how will you accomplish that? Do I need to publish any type of articles, blogs, or content on other relevant sites and are the quality of my links acceptable?

8. What volume of traffic increase should I expect and how long will it take? If you genuinely feel that your website is adequately structured technically and you have created quality, informative content, then surely you should expect and see an increase in traffic and should discuss timeframes for seeing these increases with your SEO expert.

9. What keywords or keyword phrases should I target for my website? Should I be using more money keywords like buy, best, cheap, deals, find, and get?

10. Can you tell me why I should choose your SEO agency over all the hundreds of other SEO companies available? (FYI, if they stumble at all when attempting to answer this question, then this is a sure sign that you want to move on and do further research into an SEO agency.) 

Asking these important questions and giving much attention to inquiries a potential SEO agency makes with regard to your online business, your website, your technical structure and your goals and objectives, will be incredibly beneficial to choosing the best SEO agency for your business and website.

One agency that I can recommend from my own experiences is ShootScope. I have employed them on a number of different projects over the last year and I have always been happy with the results and service. ShootScope have been voted Liverpool’s best seo company so you can hire with confidence.

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